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Early this year, Toshinori Kitamura was awarded by the Sichuan Government (China) Social Science Excellence Award for the following publication. Chen, Z., Lu, X., & Kitamura, T. (2013). The factor structure of the Chinese version of the Temperament and Character Inventory: Factorial robustness and association with age and gender. Comprehensive Psychiatry, 54, 292-300.
Depression Research and Treatment now invites submission to this year's special issue "Temperament and Character Domains of Personality and Depression 2013". Guest editors include Toshinori Kitamura, Claude Robert Cloninger, Andrea Fossati, Jörg Richter, Sandor Rozsa, and Ada Zohar. Manuscript Due: Friday, 5 July 2013. Publication Date: Friday, 22 November 2013.

Depression study has seen a revolutionary change since the introduction of personality concept of temperament and character proposed by C. R. Cloninger. Harm Avoidance, a temperament domain, and Self-directedness, a character domain, are the two that are often referred to as correlates of clinical depression. Yet other domains of temperament and character have been studied as a correlate of depression. Data from epidemiological studies provided an insight into the effects of age and gender on the chronological changes of temperament and character. Twins studies cast light on the extent of genetic contribution to the development of temperament and character. Prediction of depression treatment may be available from the profiles of temperament and character. Other correlates of depression such as early life environment and personality disorders may be interwoven with the complex ties of personality and depression.

The main focus of the third series of this special issue will be on the new extension of conceptual argument and empirical data on the link between personality and depression. This special issue will be become a compilation of the newest data of this fast growing area of psychiatric and psychological research. The topics to be covered include, but are not limited to: The concept of the temperament and character
Factor structure and other measurement issues of temperament and character
Correlations of temperament and character with clinical depression and its subtypes
Possible mediation of the effects a variety of risk factors on the onset of depression via temperament and character
Depression treatment (drug treatment and psychotherapy) response predicted by temperament and character
Suicidality and temperament and character
Prediction of future depression by temperament and character in a prospective cohort study
Determinants of depression-related temperament and character
* Tohoku University invited Toshinori Kitamura to give a series of lectures for midwives and home visitors on perinatal mental health.
It started in November 2012 and completed in February this year. This programme of a total of 8 days course covers ---- diagnosis, aetiology, and intervention for mood and anxiety disorders, bonding disorder, and other conditions.

This programme of a total of 8 days course covers

This programme of a total of 8 days course covers